Lakshman Madurasinghe

My Vision

Empowering people to maximize their potential and live optimal lives.

My Philosophy

Be bold, and have big dreams.

My Values
My Interests


Corporate Strategy and Policy
Performance Evaluation and Mentoring
Cyber Security & Encryption
Job Evaluation-Factor Method
Compensation Strategy & Surveys
Therapeutic Jurisprudence


[LEGAL] Since 2012, I have been heading the Legal and Operations Secretariat and Therapeutic Jurisprudence Centre of AUGP USA   as its Senior International Governor. AUGP is a forty year old  501 (c) 3 IGO with branches in over 120 countries. I also function as the Global Legal Advisor to its funding partner Vaamaa Forex – US Financial Conglomerate The Pintus Group USA, the largest global trading platform. ( I supervise the funding and investment negotiations and provide expert advice on legal instruments for individual clients or governments. which include Mergers & Acquisitions, Collateral Transfer (‘leasing’ of Bank Guarantee or SBLC) • Credit Line against existing Bank Instrument or Bonds • Corporate Loans • Private Equity or Stakeholder Investment. The Legal Secretariat would also guide investors on MT 760, MT 799, DTC, IPIP, GPI semi-automatic  and related banking procedures. I am also the Chairman of AUGP USA in Sri Lanka.

[ACADEMIC] NON-EXECUTIVE POSITIONS. I also Function as Chancellor of The AUGP UN University For Global Peace. I am an Academic Committee Member of EDU  Brussels, an IGO formed by treaty accredited to European Parliament,  a Professor of Amity, USA  which is a signatory to PRME UN, President of Young Scientists University USA established in 2009 with a rich heritage in academia and a global reputation for research led innovations,  Secretary General Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals Greece founded in 2009, and Governor European Digital University Founded to accelerate the global digital blockchain revolution.


ALFUTTAIM, ADNOC, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, FTZ, Intellect Consultancy, Govt University TEACHING HOSPITAL AND ARMY COMMAND STAFF COLLEGE. International Institute of Theological Studies-IITS, in the Arabian Gulf in 1990, which trained many Christian leaders serving in various parts of the world today

[COMPENSATION; ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT] FOR THIRTEEN YEARS, held several senior corporate positions in prestigious institutions including Alfuttaim : the largest trading group in UAE with over 45,000 employees, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC): with over 50,000 employees and SCB: the British bank with over 50,000 employees- Standard Chartered Bank SL. Carried out Organizational restructuring, Job Evaluation using Factor models, Market surveys and Multivariate techniques with advanced statistics using SPSS to analyze data. Duties also included assessing the budgetary impact of compensation decisions and providing oversight of compliance with regulations and labor laws. Collaborating with others to determine staffing needs, recruitment, performance evaluation, psychomteric testing, designing salary structures, compensation packages, policies and procedures.Thereafter, for four years, I served as the Vice President Operations of Panorama at the Biyagama Export Processing Zone handling banking, legal, operations and labour negotiations.

[TRAINING; LEGAL AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY] FOR FIVE YEARS, I served as VP Intellect Consultancy offering legal and management consultancy including psychometric testing, job evaluation, and conducting numerous public programmes including "Master Memory", and training programmes. Training included, Stress Management, Creativity, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Counselling, Mind Maps and others in the following institutions: Commercial Bank, National Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Nations Trust Bank, HSBC , Sri Lankan Air Lines- covered over 3000 staff, United Nations –ILO staff, Parliament Senior staff, MAS Holdings, Caltex, Dialog-GSM, Suntel, Body Line, Slimline, Coca Cola, New Zealand milk, James Finlay, John Keells, Hayleys, United Motors, Print Care, Union Assurance, Asian International School, Stafford International School, DLC (World Bank-funded project), CIMA, B P S de Silva Group, Atlas, Saman Villas, Virtusa, Singer, DIMO, Ports Authority.

[CONSULTANCY; PSYCHOLOGY; INTEGRATIVE MEDICINES] FOR TEN YEARS, I served as the Consultant Psychologist and Professor at MA clinic in Colombo South Government University Teaching Hospital treating well over three thousand clients with CBT and bioenergetics. This was an exceptionally vibrant period and the golden era of integrative therapeutic interventions at this hospital, which had the benefit of visiting Scientists from all over the world and the eagerness to adopt unusual modalities of treatment. These included bioenergetics, music therapy using raagas, such as, Malkauns and Dwijayanthi, which were applied to those suffering from low pressure, Parkinson’s disease and recovering from cancer, magneto therapy, colour therapy hypnosis and many others. Integrative psychotherapy took into account many views of human functioning: psycho dynamic, client-centered, behaviorist, family therapy, Gestalt therapy, object relations theories, and psychoanalytic self-psychology in addition to transactional analysis. During this period we also conducted the Beli-Lena research investigating the healing practices of Homo Sapiens Balangodensis 30,000 BP. I have been a doctoral supervisor to many students both in Sri Lanka and overseas .

[ACADEMIC -PSYCHOLOGY; COUNSELLING] FOR FIVE YEARS, I also Served as a Visiting Faculty Member until 2010 at the Army Command Staff College and also as an examiner of the MSc degree at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) teaching the following units: Nature of Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Conflict and Stress, Abnormal Psychology, War related issues including trauma, PTSD and Torture. The Army Command and Staff College (ACSC) – now Defense command Staff College was inaugurated on 16 March 1998 by former President Her Excellency Mrs Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga .After January 2007 all military doctrinal and strategic level planning and teachings were brought under one roof, as practiced by many other Armed Forces of the world.

For four years, I functioned as an International Faculty member of Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership in USA and Singapore. for five years, I served as the president of sunfo, and for four years as the international chairman of medicina alternativa established in 1962.